At Pol-Tex, environmental protection remains a long-standing commitment. The driving force during the 1995 expansion was becoming a more environmentally sound center of operations for guests, employees and the surrounding community. With the "Cradle to Grave" responsibilities lingering for our customers, an environmental emphasis is vital to granting assurance and providing peace of mind that materials recovered by Pol-Tex are completely contained by Pol-Tex and will not pollute the environment. Fire sprinkler systems were upgraded for maximum protection of the building and inventory. Storm water sewers and retention ponds were installed to control flooding, spillage and run off. Air quality collection equipment was installed for plant interior use and on our roof for emissions control. A raw material handling "arena" was constructed indoors so bulk classifying and allocation would not be subjected to natural elements like wind and rain. The old septic system was replaced with a CLOSED-LOOPED SEWAGE SYSTEM for our potable water. Equipment and facilities for empowering a closed loop system for our industrial sewage was installed and operated around the clock, fulfilling our goal of "0" discharge.

street sweeper polyetheylene clean up truck
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